Worst Remote Ever

Some pics of a lighting remote I saw at a friend’s place.


Automated Generation of Interactive 3D Exploded View Diagrams

Very cool project I came across at Berkeley- taking 3D models and automatically generating exploded diagrams. The videos are great because they show the real value, in having the program dynamically show what parts need to be removed to access another part. There’s certainly been a lot of times working on cars that I wish I’d had something like this!

Visualization Lab | Automated Generation of Interactive 3D Exploded View Diagrams.

Effing Hail, Effing Awesome Game

I’m always a sucker for isometric projections, so you can imagine the amount of time I’ve spent playing Effing Hail, a flash game where you basically try to create the biggest hail storm possible to cause the most destruction possible. At the same time, there’s some useful info about how hail is actually made! (I’m not sure about the part where it starts taking out satellites though) Read more

MAV-VUE Research featured in Wired

The first steps of my Master’s thesis research was featured today in Wired’s Danger Room in an article titled New Use for iPhones: Controlling Drones. It’s a fun read with some good quotes from my thesis advisor, but it largely ignores the research implications. What the video above shows is us controlling an autonomous quad rotor helicopter by sending incremental “move to” commands. We make the user perceive this as a first-order (or velocity-based) control system by having them tilt the iPhone in the direction they want the quad rotor to move. More extreme tilts simply send a “move to” command which is further away from the helicopter’s current position.

Most people think they want more control over flight systems than they’re actually prepared for.  Read more

Computer Virus Infects Humans!

Came across this hilarious Weekly World News cover (the image is on Flickr, by bmindful).

The funny part is, for the first time Weekly World News may be onto something.  Read more

Great Easing Demo

Using Robert Penner’s easing equations is probably one of the easiest things you can do to spice up your UI. Apple’s famous for using CubicInOut almost everywhere they can to make their interfaces look sleeker. The only problem is, it’s hard to pin down the exact equations if you need to implement them yourself, or get a good demo to compare which one you want. Read more

Paradox of Humans and Automation

The Washington Post has a great article today about the paradox of humans and automation. John D. Lee, a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison has a choice quote: Read more

What every DVD player should do


How can I help you, Dave?

That’s the power button on my DVD player. Now, my DVD player is pretty intelligent- it’ll automatically turn off when my TV turns off, and it’ll even turn on my TV for me if I insert a disc. It’s only a year old, but it shares a fatal design flaw with every, single DVD player I have ever used. Read more

IL Infographics

I came across this amazing magazine the other day, IL. An Italian magazine that accompanies a newspaper, it is supposed to be for “addressed to men and dedicated to male passions and consumptions, with a strong connection with current events.” But don’t the machismo fool you, it also won the European 2009 Design Award for a Magazine.  Read more

Infographics Examples

I found this overview of infographics last week. While the writing is more for beginners, the examples at the bottom are a great example of infographics! A good blend of art and information, which make a lot of potentially boring topics far more interesting for the casual audience. Read more