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What do 8 different types of color-blindness look like?

Here’s a quick test I ran using the awesome Sim Daltonism

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WYSIWYG Food Pyramid?

The old iconic Food Pyramid has received a serious upgrade today, the MyPlate. Gone is the notion of a pyramid. Instead, we’re shown a plate, with the food portions on it, in all it’s What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get glory. The USDA’s food pyramid originally started out in 1943 as, ironically, a donut

It’s not clear to me if the slices are intentionally the same size, but this is where the concept of what graphically showing people what food they should be easting. While the USDA has gone back and forth about what food groups need to called out, the biggest problem has always been how to communicate to Americans how much they should be noshing, gnawing and guzzling. Read more

Automated Generation of Interactive 3D Exploded View Diagrams

Very cool project I came across at Berkeley- taking 3D models and automatically generating exploded diagrams. The videos are great because they show the real value, in having the program dynamically show what parts need to be removed to access another part. There’s certainly been a lot of times working on cars that I wish I’d had something like this!

Visualization Lab | Automated Generation of Interactive 3D Exploded View Diagrams.

Effing Hail, Effing Awesome Game

I’m always a sucker for isometric projections, so you can imagine the amount of time I’ve spent playing Effing Hail, a flash game where you basically try to create the biggest hail storm possible to cause the most destruction possible. At the same time, there’s some useful info about how hail is actually made! (I’m not sure about the part where it starts taking out satellites though) Read more

IL Infographics

I came across this amazing magazine the other day, IL. An Italian magazine that accompanies a newspaper, it is supposed to be for “addressed to men and dedicated to male passions and consumptions, with a strong connection with current events.” But don’t the machismo fool you, it also won the European 2009 Design Award for a Magazine.  Read more

Infographics Examples

I found this overview of infographics last week. While the writing is more for beginners, the examples at the bottom are a great example of infographics! A good blend of art and information, which make a lot of potentially boring topics far more interesting for the casual audience. Read more

App Store Hyperwall @ WWDC

Amazing! At WWDC this year, Apple is showing a wall of app store icons which pulsate whenever one is downloaded. Great promotional info viz for someone casually walking by at a conference. The pulsating effect is done very, very well– see the video at AppleInsider Read more

GraphJam: Hilarious commentary meets graphs

GraphJam is sort of like LOLcats for excel charts. Probably the best use of Excel charts I’ve ever seen. In fact, I wish more Power Point presentations had graphs along these lines! It’s a poignant way to get across a nuanced idea. In fact, it makes me wonder if having numbers in any sort of non-scientific graph is a good idea. Read more

Art and Info Viz are not the same

I was talking with a labmate yesterday about the sorry state of information visualization, a topic we’re both very, very enthusiastic about. There have been great strides over the last few years in making data look great. For examples, just peruse the Infoshetics Blog. The problem, though, is that our understanding in how to make info visualizations which actually convey useful information and aide the viewer in making good decisions has not kept pace with the Art often called Information Visualization. It boils down to one thing: Art and Information Visualization are not the same. Read more