Experience I create amazing designs with great results

As a partner at Kytheram, David has focused on user experience and interface design for over ten years. His efforts have spanned mobile, web, and desktop interfaces, as well as human-robot and human-machine interactions. Some of David’s most notable work includes:

  • The first ad-enabled video player for the internet
  • The first social contact management interface for email (over 6 million downloads), which has been directly copied by several competitors
  • A mobile interface which allows anyone to safely fly a drone with only three minutes of training
  • Designing scheduling displays for high-speed train operators in Europe

David’s background straddles both the technical and design realms. With both Bachelors and Masters CS degrees from MIT, David has focused on both artificial intelligence (undergraduate) and human-computer interaction (graduate). David’s master’s thesis won an Outstanding Research Award from the Chorafas Foundation and was widely hailed by its sponsors at Boeing and the Office of Naval Research.

As a research scientist at MIT, David was invited to give guest lectures in product design and UI/UX to MIT classes, the Naval War College, and the Department of Defense and associated contractors.


From the clients

David worked with us on a strategy for designing awesome products. His insights into what makes enterprise customers come back again, and again, were invaluable– and that was just from spending an hour each week working with him.

I hired David for a UI/UX/design project and was very pleased with his professional and personable demeanor, his opinionated input (in a good way!), his attention to detail, and the quality and timeliness of his actual deliverables. I would hire him again without hesitation.