Talks & Lectures

I’ve been a guest lecturer for several classes at MIT:

ESD.32 :: Human Interaction in Product Design

16.422 :: Usability Testing

16.475 :: Interaction Design

I’ve also given talks on Robots and Ethics (Naval Warfare College), Collaborative Exploration with MAVs (Government Symposium on Mobile Devices), and consulting.

Paradox of Humans and Automation

The Washington Post has a great article today about the paradox of humans and automation. John D. Lee, a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison has a choice quote: Read more

What every DVD player should do


How can I help you, Dave?

That’s the power button on my DVD player. Now, my DVD player is pretty intelligent- it’ll automatically turn off when my TV turns off, and it’ll even turn on my TV for me if I insert a disc. It’s only a year old, but it shares a fatal design flaw with every, single DVD player I have ever used. Read more