Bad UX is Killing Newsstand Apps on iOS

Marko Karppinen, who advises magazines on their digital strategy, has an interesting tear down of why he’s telling publishers to not use iOS’s Newsstand feature in iOS 7. While he gives several reasons, he calls out one in particular as the motivating factor Read more

Deliver Results, Not Delights, For Your Mobile Users

This week I’m speaking at IUE 2013 on Mobile UX, and how companies with existing web apps often screw it up. Here’s the summary of my talk:

Mobile app usage rose by 35% in 2012. Despite this increase, a quarter of all mobile apps are only used once and never opened again. What makes users keep coming back to some apps and abandon others? The difference lies in the real user experience being delivered by each of these apps. Many companies, in their rush to create a mobile presence, have focused on aesthetics and copying their existing website. Six months later, everyone is looking around a table at each other asking “Why didn’t it work? It looked so beautiful!”

Slides for the talk will be posted here afterwards.